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Pressure Vessels & Pipe Spooling

We have more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing pressure vessels for oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, food & primary processing, environmental and industrial effluent plants.

We fabricate to all international codes (BS & ASME) in carbon & stainless steel and other exotic materials. Our work includes waterbath heaters, oilfield degassers, heat exchangers and other types of vessels.

We supply skid mounted process modules, incorporating the process vessel & its associated piping & I&E requirements.

oil gas pressure vessel pressure vessel engineering


We’re highly experienced in pressure piping using carbon, stainless steel, duplex, Iconel, Monel, Chrome Moly and copper alloys.

Our work at Methanex NZ Ltd, Methanol Plant, consisted of ASME welding of 600mm SCH 80 304 stainless steel piping.

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Pressure Piping

Description: High pressure piping built to ASME standards for various Petrochem sites.

Description: High nickel alloy piping. Demonstration unit is for materials and process proving for the proposed Methanex project in Western Australia.

Description: ASME welding of 600mm SCH 80 304 stainless steel piping Methanex NZ Ltd, Methanol Plant