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Chemical Tote TanksWe’re proficient in the design & build of offshore totes, swing baskets & tankage. We make specialist flanges, thermowells, injection probes, spades, spec blinds, orifice plates', flow nozzles, strainers & level gauges.

We design & build intermediate bulk containers to UN31A class II & III.

In conjunction with Drilling Fluid Equipment, we design & build oil field fluid recovery systems, such as mud tank systems, linear motion shakers, heat exchangers, degassers and more to client's specification.


thermowell injection probe engineeringWe specialise in custom thermowells & injection probes which are provided with all necessary international certifications.

Our thermowells are manufactured to either ASME/ANSI B.16.5 for flanged thermowells or ASME/ANSI B1 20 for threaded connections. Welding to ASME IX. BS EN 287.1 or AS/NZS 3992. Our standard instrument connection is 1/2” NPT however other sizes are available on request.

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Stainless Steel Intermediate Bulk Container EngineeringIn conjunction with our associate company, Drilling Fluid Equipment NZ Ltd (DFE), we offer the Stainless Steel IBC – a convenient & safe method of transporting hazardous liquids to point of use. This eliminates the need for shipping, transport & disposal of 200 ltr (55 US gal drums).

The IBC is filled and transported to the end use site for projects or bulk storage environments. No additional decanting is required.

A 50mm (2”) Camlock fitting outlet allows the liquid to be decanted to the end use without requiring drum pumps or drum handling equipment.

Designed & approved for 1500 litres (400 US Gals) of fluid up to 1.5 SG (12.5 pounds per gal) and can be stacked two high while filled. This successfully meets the UN tank code 31A & UN packaging groups class II & III (further UN codes still pending).

Ideally suited to the transport & use of fluids when minimal contact by employees is required or when use of the floor area is restricted.

We’ll also fabricate non-standard IBCs & other stainless steel containers to ISO and HAZNO requirements.